A Little Warm Touch In Your Medication
MediZen is a medication delivery system that makes medication-taking a warm and positive experience for seniors. This system allows seniors to choose a warm medication reminder using the voice of their loved ones, a piece of fun reading as an incentive for them to come back for the medication on time, and an elegant and customizable dispenser for them to get more emotionally connected with the medication experience.
My Role
• User experience research on the current medicine-taking process. Journey mapping, competitor benchmarking, and technology trends research.  
• Digital product design wireframing and testing.  
• Industrial designer of the medicine dispenser and prototyping. 
The Design Solution
Seniors Choose Their Own Experiences
MediZen lets seniors choose their own medication dispenser decorations, reminder voices, and fun readings when they take the medicines right. ​​​​​​​
Phone Notification
Phone Notification
Taking Medicine Packs From Dispenser
Taking Medicine Packs From Dispenser
Scan the Medicines
Scan the Medicines
Seniors will simply pull out the pre-sorted medicine pack and scan it with their phone to log the medication entry. 
Once the medication is logged, the app will display a piece of reading that the senior chooses prior to keeping them engaged in the medication process. 
The New Era Of Medicine Delivery
During our competitor analysis, we found a new trend in the medication delivery system. This system talks to the patients' doctors in the background and sorts the pills into rolls and labels them with time. The patients no longer need to take medications from multiple places and sort them into the dispenser box.
Not Your Typical Medicine Dispenser
Speaking of the medicine dispenser, in our interviews with various seniors, they often complained about the size and the look of their medication dispenser. It reminds them even more about their conditions and makes them feel embarrassed. The MediZen dispenser takes the embarrassment away and encourages the seniors to approach it. And the customizable top add-ons bring more personal touches between the seniors and the dispenser. 
Voice Reminders
From The People You Love
Our senior interviewees are aware of the importance of taking medications properly. However, it is also this awareness that makes them nervous if they do not take their medications right. We started with the reminder voice to reduce this anxiety by letting the seniors record the reminder voices from their loved family members
Customized reminder voice
Creating A Habit
Seniors rely on their strict schedules to keep on with their medications. One of the interviewees mentioned that they manage to take their medications properly because they have meals at the same time. Starting with something they are familiar with, seniors can choose their own interest of readings as a reward for taking their medicines
Peace Of Mind For Family Members
When the seniors sign up, they can choose to give access to their medications and taking histories to their caretakers or family members. The caretakers can monitor how the senior is doing and choose the right time to intervene.

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