I'm Xinyi (Shin Yee)
Hello, my name is Xinyi Wang, and I am a multidisciplinary designer with specialties in Industrial Design and UXUI. I have worked professionally as an Industrial Designer for 7 years and successfully launched products ranging from kitchenware. houseware tools, consumer electronics, and IoT.  My background in Industrial Design gives me a strong sense of thinking in 3D. But I think the line between physical and digital objects is getting blurrier each day as technology advances. I believe that the future of design lies in the combination of 3D and 2D. In 2022 I earned an M.F.A. in Interactive Media from the University of Miami focusing on UX/UI. This expansion in perspective of design equips me to come up with design solutions from a broader and more user-focused angle.  
Prowinch                                      Miami, USA                                 Industrial Designer 2023/8-Current
Revolutionizing user experiences in hoist and winch purchases, catering to hobbyists and professionals, with enhanced design and functionality.
Ensuring visual brand consistency across the web, physical products, and user manuals, maintaining a unified product appearance and user experience.
Tupperware Brands                Orlando, USA                             Industrial Designer 2016/1-2019/1
Led the development of innovative dry, fridge, and freezer food conservation product solutions from the initial customer discovery through to production.
Executed aesthetic criteria for design, marketing, production, and sales objectives.
Created new ranges of conservation products based on the user needs and the scalability requirements within each product line and the design system.
Engaged with marketing teams on product roadmaps and vendors, manufacturing, and engineering on product launch.

Optimal Design                         Chicago USA                             Industrial Designer 2012/7-2015/12
• Conceptualized product solutions from a user experience approach by generating provoking aesthetic designs, studying product feature trees, and repacking internal components.
• Worked closely with ME and EE engineers on the development of products for consumer, industrial, medical, and military.
Led and designed the physical and digital user interfaces of the internal IoT products which facilitated the expansion of the company's services and potential launch.


The University of Miami    2020-2022
M.F.A Interactive Media 

Arizona State University    2008-2012
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design
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